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Should You Go Ductless This Summer?

Should You Go Ductless This Summer?

When it comes to cooling down your home or space this summer, wouldn’t it be nice if it was all controlled by one system? Instead of multiple units around the home increasing your energy costs? Good news… This is possible! A ductless mini split system is actually preferred by HVAC technicians and homeowners alike due to ease of use and maintenance. 

Not only is a ductless mini split a fantastic option to cool your home during the summer months, it can also be used to heat your house during the winter. 

Going Ductless

A ductless system is also referred to as a ductless mini split system, which is a heat-pump style HVAC option. Just like the name proposes, this system does not rely on a large network of air ducts, but rather a single condenser unit outside of the home. Hidden and powerful – Win, win! This system works like a regular air conditioning system by transferring heat from the inside of your home to the outside.


Installing a system that is a 2 in 1! A ductless mini split system is extremely flexible and versatile offering summer and winter comfort, you really can’t beat that! 

Space Saving!

No more window units, no more bulky AC units in the middle of the living room – this system is hidden! This means more space in your home, which we all desire! The system stays outside where it can’t be seen or heard.

If you are interested in learning more about installing a ductless mini split system to your home this summer or fall – Leave it to the Pro’s! Call Pro HVAC today.