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Tips to Keeping your Mini Split Performing Its Best

Tips to Keeping your Mini Split Performing Its Best

Finally, it’s summertime! All winter we’ve been dreaming of this type of warm weather. The summer heat can fluctuate between really hot and humid days to more mild the next. Most likely, you’ve installed a new mini split system into your home to prevent your family from becoming too hot these next few months. Now, to make sure your mini split stays working its best during the times you need it the most, there are a few steps to take. Below are some helpful tips and tricks to have your home cool all summer long, and also ready for when the temperatures begin to drop! 

1. Select a Comfort Level

Everyone is different, so whatever number you choose is fine! The best way for your mini split to be the most efficient is to select one number and keep it at that. The less temperature fluctuation, the more energy efficient.

2. “Set it & Forget it!”

A mini split system uses much less energy than a standard air conditioner window unit. Your mini split will keep the temperature in your home the most consistent when it is allowed to run continuously.

3. Check for Drainage

As the mini split system cools your home and space, there will be built up condensation. The condensation will build up in the evaporator coils, and should drain outside on its own. It’s a good idea every so often to take a peak and check if the system is draining properly. If it’s not, the unit could be working too hard, and a trained professional should be called.

4. Shut your Shades

If the blinds or curtains are left open on a bright, sunny day, the mini split is going to keep detecting heat in the air. This will result in the mini split working harder to try and stop the heat from coming into your space. If you shut your blinds it will allow the mini split to not work as hard but also keep your home cooler – a win, win!

5. Clean the Filter

Simply take out the filter and clean it! Get all of the dust off of it, wash it and allow it to air dry before replacing. Additionally, if you feel uncomfortable doing this, make sure to call a trained professional.

These are just a few tips to ensure your mini split is continuously working at its best. Mini splits are an investment, and we want to make sure your system lasts for years to come. Always being cautious and observant if anything seems off and calling a professional when things go wrong. Keep your systems running smoothly to maximize efficiency, lower energy costs, and enhance your comfort all year long.